SSS: 'realkidpoker92' wins Destiny title

Posted On 13 Sep, 2018 0

Most poker players find their way into the game through one of two ways - live poker or online poker. In India, in recent years, online poker has played a big part in growing the sport. But no matter which way you start playing the game, there is always a thought to compete at a big live stage with the best in the region if not the world. Keeping this in mind, The Spartan Poker rolled out its Destiny series of weekly tournaments which allowed players to play online for a shot at competing in regionally and globally renowned tournaments.

This time around the Destiny promises its finale winner a chance to play at a prestigious tournament series taking place in Europe. 10 weekly winners of the Destiny play in a Finale SnG that gives the eventual winner a package worth INR 10 Lakhs that includes a Main Event buy-in of that particular series, air tickets and hotel stay too. This week's winner who will get to compete in that 10 Lakhs SnG Finale is 'realkidpoker92' who outlasted a field of 365 entries to claim victory in last night's Destiny which was a part of the ongoing Spartan Super Series (SSS).

The 25 Lakhs guarantee on this tournament was crushed with the high turnout taking the prizepool to INR 29,20,000. That turnout ensured that 50 players would make it to the money with min-cash being INR 14,600. Arjanveer 'instrumental' Chadha once again making it to the final table but falling short in 8th place for INR 64,240. After 'mr.legend' fell in third place, it came down to 'realkidpoker92' and 'siddhu24' battling it out for the title, the big money and a chance to head to Europe. siddhu24 had a pretty huge lead with over 6 million ships compared to realkidpoker92's 2 million stack and the former (Ad 3c) added to his lead when he knocked out mr.legend (2d 5h) with a rivered pair of Aces on a board of 8d Kh Tc 9h As.

That kicked off a long battle for the title between the remaining two players. Despite siddhu24 holding a 3:1 lead, realkidpoker92 managed to close the gap over the course of their play, his big pot being 1.8 million chips. realkidpoker92 (Js Ad) then got a full double of his stack when he bested siddhu24 (5d 5h) on a board of Tc As 9c 8h 3s. That hand flipped the chip advantage in favour of realkidpoker92 and it did not take too long for the final hand from there. Both players had pockets pairs but realkidpoker92's Jacks (Jc Js) knocked out siddhu24's Fours (4d 4h) on a board of 8h 5d 3h 7c 5s to lay claim to the Destiny title. This win gave realkidpoker92 his first title in this SSS series along with a payday of INR 7,59,200 as well as an INR 1 Lakh ticket into the 10 Lakh Finale SnG. siddhu24's good efforts would net him a score of INR 4,67,200.

Congratulations to realkidpoker92 and the rest of the money finishers and stay tined to for more stories from the world of poker.


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