SSS: ‘Sidddhu’ wins Super HighRoller event for ?14,21,000

Posted On 22 Sep, 2017 0

The fourth day of Spartan Super Series (SSS) is going on full swing on TheSpartanPoker where last night saw two big winners taking down title. The day was scheduled with 5 events with different tournament formats. It was ‘Sidddhu’ to take down the SSS #17 Super HighRoller event title which guaranteed INR 40 Lakhs with a buy-in of INR 55,000. ‘Sidddhu’ received INR 14,21,000. The event drew 98 players generating a prizepool of INR 49 Lakhs which was distributed to top 10 players with min cash of INR 1,22,500.

‘Sidddhu’ defeated ‘Keenyle’ in heads-up battle where the winner was announced in Level #43 with the blinds running 18,000-36,000-4,500. ‘Sidddhu’ had Kc Ks and ‘Keenyle’ had Jd 8d went pre-flop all-in. The showdown saw 5h Ah 3c 4d 9d which didn’t helped ‘Keenyle’ and ‘Sidddhu’ won with pocket Kings. ‘Keenyle’ collected INR 9,13,850.

The winner was not ready to reveal identity by Gutshot was able to have a quick chat with ‘Siddhu’ where the player commented on the experience of the tournament, “SSS HighRoller is one of the toughest tournaments in Indian circuit with all the big names of Indian Poker participating in it. It was quite an amazing experience playing with these Players. The structure of the tournament was pretty Deep which made it even better as there was lot of time to manoeuvre.”

‘Sidddhu’ is channeling all efforts and resources in developing NLH where the player finds NLH more exciting and challenging than other variants of poker. Speaking about the tournaments, ‘Sidddhu’ said, “I usually like to play Turbos, Hyper Turbos and 6-Max events as they complement my style of play. The Flash and The Elite are my favourite tournaments from TheSpartanPoker hosted by any Indian sites.” Soon ‘Sidddhu’ will make a debut to live tournament in the World Poker Tour, India.

This was all about SSS Super HighRoller, here are quick updates of the events of the day:

SSS#13 INR 330 (100K GTD) (RE)

The first event of the day drew 398 players to generate a prizepool of INR 1,19,400. The prizepool was distributed to top 27 players with a min cash of INR 1,075. ‘amritpanjabi’ outlasted these entries to win the title for INR 26,268 while the runner-up ‘pratik4pp’ took home INR 17,791 on his finish.

SSS #14 INR 550 (250K GTD) (R+A)

This event attracted 421 players where the eventual winner was Akshay ‘sherlock52’ Pathak defeating ‘sareeee’ in heads-up battle. Pathak collected INR 60,000 on his win while the runner-up ‘sareeee’ took home INR 40,625.

SSS #15 INR 1,650 (300K GTD) (FO)

‘Sadee’ outlasted 194 players to ship this tournament for INR 66,000. ‘Sadee’ defeated ‘aceduece’ in heads-up battle where the player ‘aceduece’ collected INR 44,700 for second place finish.

SSS #16 INR 4,400 The Flash (12L GTD) (RE)

The featured tournament drew 288 players which was taken down by ‘rayrayonion’ for INR 2,64,000. ‘rayrayonion’ defeated ‘Vishkrish’ in heads-up battle who collected INR 1,78,800 for the impressive finish.

Here is the updated leaderboard after Day 4:


Event Dates Buy In
WPT Japan 2018 1 Sep - 17 Sep JPY 30,000
2018 APT Philippines Championships II 13 Sep - 24 Sep PHP 55,000
WPT Korea 2018 18 Sep - 24 Sep KRW 1,100,000
WPT Vietnam 2018 26 Sep - 4 Oct VND 22,000,000
Deltin Poker Tournament Xpress 27 Sep - 30 Sep INR 15,000
PokerStars Live Manila Super Series 9 1 Oct - 7 Oct PHP 10,000