Stop Berating the Fish at the Poker Table

Posted On 12 Jun, 2018 0

This is a mistake almost every single one of us do. Once we spot the fish, we keep on harassing him (or them – in case there are more than one at a table). Nobody likes being picked on, especially when the person in question has made a mistake. It’s imperative to remember not to criticise the fish.

Fishes are prairie to poker. They are found in Live as well as online poker.

Live Poker:

We’ve all seen it somewhere or the other, a veteran player or a poker pro yelling at the “new guy”, calling him a fish and telling him how stupid he is. This behaviour is completely unacceptable! So why do people still behave like this at the Poker table? Probably because there’s money on the line and increasing emotions. This doesn’t make it acceptable.

Poker pro Phil Hellmuth is known for going crazy at ‘bad plays’. The reality is, yelling at someone benefits nobody.

A good poker player would know not to do this! It goes without saying. You should keep your cool and remain calm in such situations. You need to understand the fact that fishes at your table are your pot of gold. You should keep them happy and playing.

Online Poker:

Here berating the fish is done through the little annoying chat box. The chat box has rarely ever benefitted anyone. Players keep typing in the chat box constantly. Players that abuse using chat are normally because they don’t have the guts to do it in real life.

Being behind a screen and thousands of meters away from your victim makes insulting very easy to do. A good player should never chat especially when multi-tabling. It takes away concentration and causes silly mistakes which can be avoided normally.

Responding to a berating only feeds them. It gives them what they want which is to throw you off your game and make you feel bad about yourself. Just ignore them and carry on playing poker in a reposed manner. Remember, keep calm and play poker. Grind!


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