The Flash title on Spartan goes to 'mrlegend'

Posted On 03 Aug, 2018 0

The Spartan Poker is committed to providing its users with the best of products and tournament offerings. They host a featured tournament each day, and recently also launched three new tournaments from 1st August. Yesterday's featured tournament was The Flash, with a massive INR 10 lakh GTD prize pool up for grabs.

The tournament had a buy-in of INR 4,400 and the participation was brilliant, with 314 entries beating the guarantee and generating a new prize pool of INR 12.56 lakh. The tournament kicked off at 7:30pm IST last evening and this prize pool was shared among the top 27 places, with a minimum cash prize of INR 12,560.

5 hours and 18 minutes is how long the tournament ran, ultimately coming to an end in Level #42, with the blinds at 16,000/32,000 - 4,000. It was well past midnight when two players, 'mrlegend' and a namesake of the American magician, 'David Blaine', found themselves battling it out in heads-up, with the former building a good lead over his opponent.

mrlegend created a chip lead of over 5:1 by the time they arrived at what became the final hand of the tournament. mrlegend was dealt Qc Ah while David Blaine was dealt Js Kc, which led to all the tournament chips going into the pot before the flop was dealt.

The board opened 6h 8c 8d 5c Ad, which gave both players a pair of eights and further gave mrlegend a second pair on the river, allowing him to take down the pot. 'The Flash' title went to mrlegend, along with INR 2,78,204 in prize money for finishing first in the tournament. David Blaine finished second and he took home a pretty respectable prize himself - INR 1,87,772. Another top pro who featured on the final table was Shravan Chhabria, finishing 6th for INR 60k+.

Tonight's featured tournament on Spartan is The Elite, which is an INR 15 lakh tournament and you can find out who wins that one as well, only on

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