‘Tiger10’ and ‘Boller’ win March’s 2OK on Spartan

Posted On 04 Mar, 2019 0

Spartan Poker, home to some of the most amazing tournaments and series among the current offerings in the Indian online poker scene, regularly hosts the ‘Two of a Kind (2.o.K) INR 15 Lakhs GTD to top 2 each’ tournament on its platform every first Sunday of the new month. The tournament, since the time it had been announced, has become very popular and always attracts a decent turnout.

Yesterday was the first Sunday of March and the 2.o.K tournament was hosted for the day. The tournament began at 6 pm in the evening and went in the books by 1.36 am early morning. The turnout of 946 entries (including 170 re-buys and 348 re-entries) created a prize pool of INR 52.03 Lakhs. Claiming the top 2 spots and INR 15 Lakhs each were ‘Tiger10’ and ‘Boller’.

The tournament was halted till the 2-way was reached. In the 3-way battle, the eventual winners contested with each other and ‘Toothless’. The last hand of the tournament saw Tiger10 with a sizeable chip lead. Tiger10 backed out and folded pre-flop, a good technique in these tournaments where more than one winner is declared.

Toothless shoved his shortest stack of a little over 1 million with 9c Ad and received a call by Boller who was with Ks Ac. The board revealed 4h 5d 6s 3c As and in the showdown, both showed Aces but Boller won with higher King kicker. Toothless settled for a decent amount of INR 5,20,300 as third-place cash prize.

One of the two winners, Tiger10, is a regular grinder on Spartan. Just on this platform, he has won almost all feature/signature tournaments, first the Triple Bubble last August, then Mega Freeze, DareDevil, Destiny (he won the INR 10 Lakhs Europe trip too) and 5 For 5 last month. He is a good online player and he’ll be hoping to make more wins in coming months using this welcome bankroll addition. The community also hopes he reveals his name soon.

Some of the regulars and top pros to play in last night’s tournament and who finished in the money include Utsav Taneja (5th – INR 2,08,120), Zarvan Tumboli (7th – INR 91,052), Anish Patra (8th – INR 78,045), Amit Ajwani (10th – INR 57,233), Mayank Jaggi (14th – INR 41,624), Rubin Labroo (20th – INR 39,022) and Abhishek Garg (24th).

Other regs include Kanishka Samant (25th), Gaurav Sood (26th), Eka Vedantham (27th), Mithun Mahesh (31st), Abhishek Rathod (34th), Srihari Bang (38th), Pulkit Goyal (41st), Ratul Steves (44th), Kunal Vohra (51st), Vidwath Shetty (53rd), Varun Gupta (56th) and others.

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