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Posted On 14 Nov, 2018 0

Commentary in sport often is a depiction of the state of the mind of the person watching the event and also reflects his/her viewpoint about the sport and his prejudices. The viewers and masses often form and build a viewpoint of the player and sport by what these commentators have to say. Commentary, for years, has made sport come alive on radio and television alike.

Here’s having a look at the five finest TV cricket commentators in business today:


In the list of top commentators, his name might shock a lot. But he well deserves to be in the list of the best commentators as his approach to commentary and cricket was quite different and refreshing and also broke the monotony that was prevailing with a few commentators back then. He having been a part of the cricket team and also a captain had a different perspective which brought in freshness.


Michael Holding is known to have a voice and pitch that can keep the most avid haters clinging on to the sport. Many might not consider him worthy of the tag of being a good commentator, but not for us. He has a certain aura that holds people’s concentration and his powerful and stern opinions of the sport are what we actually look for in a commentator.


His opinions are usually balanced; he is well-prepared and never afraid to voice his opinions even on the most controversial matters and that as a quality is not possessed by everyone specially in the field of commentary where they’d be heard by whole of the world.


Michael Atherton is, in my opinion, the best full-time commentator in world cricket at this moment of time. Blessed with a great voice, his analysis of the game is top class. His skills behind the microphone are a huge contrast to his playing style.

His commentary is refreshing, informative, and always on the mark while keeping things simple at the same time.


Richie Benaud is the finest commentator who has ever lived in cricket. Some would even say he is the best across any sport. Not for nothing was he referred to as “The Bradman of the microphone”. The best thing about Benaud was his ability to come with something new whatever the situation might be. 

These few men, we feel are the leaders and pioneers of commentary in the field of cricket. And it always is a pleasure to have strong opinions with a strong game.

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