‘tuktuki’ wins Spartan’s Sunday SuperStack for 6.62L

Posted On 20 Nov, 2018 0

Yesterday saw yet another successful online tournament by The Spartan Poker, the ‘Sunday SuperStack’. This is just one of the many high-stakes online tournaments hosted by Spartan every week. The Sunday SuperStack has an INR 25 Lakh GTD prize pool, with a buy-in of INR 5,500. Last night, the tournament drew a total of 356 entries, including 50 re-entries and 119 re-buys. The tournament began at 7:30 pm yesterday and concluded at 2:32 am the following morning.

Last night’s Sunday SuperStack champion was ‘tuktuki’, who wished to stay anonymous, taking home a ginormous amount of INR 6,62,500. He beat the well-known poker player Arjanveer Chadha aka ‘instrumental’ in the final heads-up battle. Chadha cashed out INR 4,12,500 for the runner-up prize. Another accomplished player, Ashish ‘Spewushhhiiiii’ Ahuja, was also playing this tournament and finished at 3rd place.

Both Chadha and Ahuja were in Goa at the time of this tournament, testing their skills at the WPT India HighRoller event, which was held at the Deltin Royale. It takes some serious dedication and love for this game to be playing both live tournaments in the day and grinding online tournaments at night. Only seasoned players who have amassed enormous experience and patience can do it.

The tournament reached Level 45 with 35,000/70,000/8,750 with ‘tuktuki’ managing to stack up a huge chip lead of almost 1:40. After SB and BB, Chadha had no choice but to shove all in pre-flop in the final hand with 9h Qh. ‘tuktuki’ called immediately with his As 7d. The flop was Kc 9c Ad and ‘tuktuki’ already took the lead with his top pair of Aces. The turn and the river of 4s and 5h respectively didn’t help Chadha and ‘tuktuki’ finally shipped the tournament after a gruesome 7-hour grind.

GutshotMagazine got in touch with ‘tuktuki’ to get his reaction. He was very satisfied with finishing top place and said, “It was a great experience playing in the tournament. The structure of the tournament is pretty deep, which I am a fan of. Earlier today I had busted a couple of tournaments and also had to rebuy my way into SSS when my KK cracked and then losing AK to TT.  I played calmly and steadily built up my chips. I then lost a big pot where I had to call off FD + 2 over cards in a multiway pot because of the insane odds I was getting.  I stuck to my strategy and smoothly sailed till the FT holding the chip lead. I never looked back then.”

He also commented on the final table gameplay, saying “The tournament was special because I was against two big guns when 3 people were left and I knew I had to play a solid game. I was able to put enough pressure on these guys with my chips, and we emerged out as the winner. Winning against a tough pool does feel great.”

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