Ultimate guide for your next Fantasy League Game

Posted On 16 Oct, 2018 0

Fantasy football is an emerging variant among various football clubs across the globe. It has something more to it than just a game that attracts people all over. Apart from being a source of passive entertainment, it also has some real cash prizes up for grabs, and absolutely no one would mind that.

Everyone has a rough idea as to what fantasy football/league is about, but what many are unaware of is the working of it and how the scores are calculated. We bring to you a guide and insider tips of how the scoring works. One would say that the points are scored or deducted on the basis of a player’s performance. Well that is how it works but not entirely.

Points are awarded on the basis of the following achievements or basis:


All players in your fantasy team will receive two points if they make a starting appearance in a Premier League game. Substitute appearances merit one point. Staying online and playing a part of the game (at least 60 mins) also accounts for a few points.

  1. GOALS

In football, goals win games, and in fantasy football they’re your primary source of points. Points are awarded on a sliding scale based on position (and therefore likelihood of scoring). Goalkeepers and defenders get seven points for each goal scored, midfielders six and forwards five.

  1. ASSISTS ( touch or pass leading to a goal)

Players who set up a goal are given three points, regardless of position. All assist points are given.

  1. SAVES

Goalkeepers earn one point for every two saves they make. Penalty saves are worth five points.


Five clean sheet points are awarded to goalkeepers and defenders whose team successfully prevents the opposition from scoring. In order to qualify for clean sheet points, a player must have been on the pitch for at least 45 minutes.


Points are also awarded for the victory of the team.

However points can be deducted on several occurrences. Some can be as stated below:


A failed attempt to stop the opposite team or player from scoring a goal against you or your team accounts to loss of points. No attempts made towards the same also sum down to loss of points.


A player receives an yellow card as a warning or caution by the referee to control his behaviour and actions. (generally physically or mentally abusive behaviour)

He receives a red card as a signal of breach of conduct or breach of the referee's command and is asked to leave the game. In both the cases, points state deducted for the player


A penalty kick is when a player is allowed to take a shot on the goal while it is defended by the opposite team’s goalkeeper as a way of restarting the game after a foul. A failed penalty kick results is negative points. However, a penalty kick results in a goal more often than not so assure to score points while you easily can.


One can lose points when he tries to or scores a goal against his own team. In easy words scoring one’s own goal is a cause of negative points.


If a player gets substituted due to bad behaviour or any injuries, points can be deducted.


Loss of the team in the game as a whole also leads to deduction of points.

This is more or less everything that any fantasy football lover needs to know to ace his next game and earn big.

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