Vivek Singh, Jimmy George, Ramji Kishore G win in 5FOR5

Posted On 28 Jan, 2019 0

One of the most popular tournaments on The Spartan Poker is the 5 for 5 - INR 5 Lakhs GTD for Top 5 Players. The tournament was launched by the reputed platform back in September 2018. The tournament usually takes place every month, on the fourth Sunday, and unfailingly attracts a large field. The unique aspect of the tournament is that, as the name suggests, top 5 players are guaranteed to earn INR 5 lakhs each.

Last night’s 5 for 5 attracted a total of 875 entries (including 158 re-entries and 250 re-buys) and created a massive prize pool of INR 48,12,500. Top 70 places were paid in the tournament and the top five winners to each earn INR 5,05,312 were ‘fishygame’, Vivek Singh aka ‘KasolHieghts’, Jimmy George aka ‘Jabberwocky’, ‘99ayka99’ and Ramji Kishore G aka ‘bluffpolice123’. All of the above players were playing since 6 pm yesterday evening till 2.43 am today, grinding for almost 10 hours to make their spectacular finishes.

The final hand happened at Level 40 with blinds at 30k/60k/ante 6.5k with six players in the game. The last to bust and freeze the tournament was ‘ferrari_owner’. In the hand, 99ayka99 was second-last in chip counts and shoved in with Qc Qs. Others folded, except ferrari_owner, who was packing Kh Tc and had a fair shot at winning.

The board came to Ts 8c 2d 8s 5d and 99ayka99 eliminated ferrari_owner at 6th place with his higher pair against Tens. fishygame had an Eight and could’ve won this pot with trips, but since the player was with the chip lead, he/she made the logical fold. ferrari_ owner had to settle for INR 2,16,562 as the 6th place cash prize.

The tournament halted after this hand. Vivek Singh is a regular nickname and has previously cashed in multiple Spartan tournaments. He recently won a PSPC Platinum Pass to play for Team India in Bahamas. fishygame and 99ayka99 are also good players and have cashed previously online.

We talked to Ramji Kishore G after his victory and he was elated to say, "The wait is finally over and my hard work has paid off. Skill and hard work always pay off and one should focus on these aspects more often." About the gameplay he said, "It was a good experience. I think it was my day. Thankfully I had no bad beats and the entire game went smooth. I had only one tough decision to make in the entire game when my opponent was pot commited and bluffing heavily with A3 and I had AJ with J high board. He had been betting heavily and went all-in on river. I took time and it was a crying call which turned out to be good."

As is with Spartan’s signature tournaments, the field was studded with the bests in the community. Rajat Sharma aka ‘Garammasala’ finished 12th for INR 96,250. He was even playing in the Destiny 7.0 SnG yesterday for the INR 10 Lakhs Europe package, which was ultimately won by Sriharsha Doddapaneni. Arjanveer Chadha aka ‘instrumental’ ranked 12th in the 5 for 5 yesterday for INR 96,250.

Other knowns to rank within the top 70 paid places were, Manoj Pentakota (19th), Sumit Sapra (20th), Rubin Labroo (21st), Sriharsha Doddapaneni (22nd), Anant Purohit (31st), Apratim Sharma (45th), 2019 APT Vietnam Kickoff ME winner Abhinav Iyer (46th), Pranav Bang (52nd), Jan ’19 IOPC ME winner Ashish Munot (58th), Amit Ajwani (60th) and one of last night’s Destiny SnG finalists Jayjit Ray (67th).

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