Why is Poker a healthy habit?

Posted On 22 Sep, 2018 0

We very well realize the aspirations behind your love for the game Poker, which is to invest into a source of monetary yielding that you can fall back relaxed on while simultaneously portraying your Poker playing skills as your personal talent to earn fame; respecting your entirely legitimate aspirations and supporting the fact that you play with utmost passion and dedication to earn your share of rewards we wish to further motivate you towards achieving your Poker goals by showing you why you’re headed right having chosen Poker as a passion.

First, we would like to clear the air of the popular myth that ‘Poker is an addiction’, the straight and clear solution to kill the myth is the proven fact that anything when done in an appropriate amount results in optimal results and anything when done in excess always results in a mishap no matter how calculative we pretend to be during the act; for an example, cough syrup when taken in an adequate amount or as suggested by the physician helps overcome sickness but the same cough syrup if taken in excess will result in a liver damage or even death! Hence as a human, it is always expected of you to have a leash over your expenditures and investments not just in the game of Poker but in general too.

Now that you are aware of the fact that playing Poker is a completely different matter than getting addicted to it, let’s look at how your choice of playing the game is in fact one of your wisest choices. Poker originated around the 19th century in the United States as a fun game to kill time and seek entertainment from the game but, gradually the game earned an avalanche of followers who later to monetized the game and make it a quick source of earning but, since the river is shared with a plenty of fishes, the water never remains still.

Same way, since there are all kinds of people having interest in the game they bring different theories to the table on the basis of their personal individual experiences which is not always the best. Hence it is advised to act according to the expert knowledge and grow with time, practice and consistency in the game. Keep reading GutshotMagazine.com for more 'Poker Gyaan' articles.

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