Win an MG Hector in 'Dangal Rewards Fest' this monsoon!

Posted On 11 Jul, 2019 0

Have you watched your favourite 'Dr. Strange' actor Benedict Cumberbatch in a recent advertisement for MG Hector? Well, that sports utility vehicles brand is now in India and if you are a poker player in India, you have a chance to win that car too! Get ready for some crazy grinding and drive away in a swanky new car this monsoon!

Always having the best cashback promotions, PokerDangal is back with the 'Dangal Rewards Fest' which allows you to win from countless gadgets and other rewards this rainy season between 8 July - 9 August 2019. Starting from as low as 50 Dangal Points, you can begin redeeming rewards on the website.

The latest OnePlus 7 smartphone is up for grabs while a trip to Goa for two can also be availed, at just 20,000 Dangal Points. For all of you serious and heavy grinders, the three biggest prizes during this period are a Honda CB300R, a Maruti Suzuki Baleno and the mega prize, a brand-new MG Hector!

Remember, while all the prizes can be redeemed unlimited times, these three top prizes are only for the first to get there, so start grinding soon. The fest has already begun, so don't waste any further time. The MG Hector is worth INR 15,00,000 and to redeem that, you should have 2,00,000 Dangal Points which literally means 100% cashback in this promotion on PokerDangal.

Several winners have emerged in various PokerDangal offerings in the past and you can be one too in the Dangal Rewards Fest. Who knows, a month later, you can be handed the keys to an MG Hector! PokerDangal also promises you withdrawals within just 30 seconds, so don't waste any more time. Start playing today!

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