Zodiac signs and their luck with Poker

Posted On 26 Aug, 2018 0

Poker is a game of luck? Think again, the game that is played by a group of people, won by one and lost by the others has to have a factor common to all its players so if not luck what else could it be? We aren’t pressing on the point that Poker a co-dependent of luck but it is definitely suggested that there is a certain way that every person acts during the game according to his personality which he draws from his birth elements and what’s the King of all the Card games without a little fun factor in it?. Here, in the following construction of a record, we have garnered a few facts relating to each zodiac sign and its effect with Poker to help you register relevant counsel to imply the next time you are on the table with your cards.

Fire Signs- The fire signs are known for their aggressiveness and temperament albeit their actions differ from their thoughts, their natural instinct is to wait for the opponents to act before they play their cards which sometimes might get them in trouble, since the moment to act passes and leaves the residue of regret. So an apparent advice for the fire signs Aeries, Leo and Sagittarius would be to act faster; it doesn’t necessarily mean to waste in haste and jump before the right time in order to avoid further emotional conflict. An affirmative aspect to the fire signs is that they are born with natural and strong instincts which guide them to take independent decisions which will help them in realizing the true intentions of the opponent and prevent them from being cheated.

Air Signs- The air signs Gemini, Libra and Aquarius are the carriers of change. They have an ability to adapt to their surroundings quickly but lack judgements, hence they end up giving all in so, in order to remit failure the Air signs have to learn the art of judging their opponents better by consistency in reading the situations better, in addition to lack of judgement, the Air signs also have to learn to have a realistic approach while betting before giving in all to save them some fate in the end. The good news is that the Air signs are quite optimistic even in a situation of distress which enables them to play the game with determination and faith and leads them to victory multiple times.

Earth Signs- Earth signs Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn are the known for their humility and to be the most grounded people but when it comes to materialism, no one can beat them in the high aspirations. Greed is all over their face and a grin of material success reveals it all over the table, they are terrible liars and can’t get away with con but are often conned by the opponents due to a lack of discernment for the tricksters. But, the earth signs are true to their gut and are as patient as boulders when it comes to betting, they play sharply using their experiences with the physical world and apply theories in the world of Cards and mostly end winning small yet unpredictable bets.

Water Signs- The water signs have a heap of creativity to show on the table, they are almost the ‘professional conmen’ on the table and can pull of tricks like a pro. But, the water signs Cancer, Scorpios and Pisces take every act of the game personally and to their heart which potentially shakes their confidence to bet and in spite of having the right tactics to win the lot, they end up losing most of their money due to emotional investment, it is suggested that the water signs bring balance in the game with a few personal exercises so that they can put their mind games to the best use in the game.


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Baazi Poker Tour 2 Jan - 14 Jan INR 35,000
Red Dragon Manila 2020 4 Jan - 11 Jan PHP 110,000
Aussie Millions 2020 4 Jan - 24 Jan AUD 10,600
APT Kickoff Ho Chi Minh 8 Jan - 19 Jan TBD
India Poker Championship 15 Jan - 19 Jan INR 50,000
APPT Open Taipei 2020 31 Jan - 9 Feb TWD 35,000