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3 Harmlessly awesome ways Poker

3 Harmlessly awesome ways to become rich right now

by GS Admin Posted on 01 Oct, 2018

While the world considers an individual’s inclination towards making a hugely desired amount of money as a toxic habit, we are forgetting to device the fact that lack of money is in fact the most common factor in most of the social issues in any economy. Hence, let’s speak of the elephant in the room by accepting the fact that nobody on this planet has ever dreamt of dying poor! Most of us have aspirations to live a life of comfort or even luxury, and as you read this article, you will realize how your aspirations of becoming rich are perfectly healthy, progressive and as accessible as your will to lie on a bed made up of dollar bills. While the world obsesses over the advocacy for and against materialism, we teach you a few smart ways to earn money that lead you to the life with a bed of dollar bills and a golden bath! 

Poker – A family game that involves a deck of cards and a number of players around the table which could be played either online or offline and live offers the potential to make a person filthy rich! The best part of playing Poker is that it has to be ‘played’. And, on the contrary to the popular belief that Poker is an addictive game, it in fact helps you developing various psychological aspects of your personality. Poker was originally invented only for entertainment but it evolved as a game of cash eventually when casual trading of money was introduced by people who found the potential to earn money without having to labour throughout the day but only use mind games and skills over the table. Nothing compares to Poker when it comes to ‘fun, learn and earn’. 

Trading – Trading is the most popularly prominent way to earn money over a period of time; but, before you enter your hands and legs in the pit, do consider a detailed research of the stock market. Monitor the market everyday through daily subscriptions. People now a days also consider third party assistance in case they themselves are too busy to analyse the market themselves. There are umpteen number of TV channels available on your cable network that deal with only Share Market news, watching these channels for 15-20 minutes every day will help you learn faster and keep in pace with the market through panel discussions, regular data analysis and QnA sessions through which you can get your doubts cleared first hand by the experts. 

Freelancing – Another decent way to earn those extra bucks is to adopt a hobby that will encash your time; by that we mean, we all have hidden talents and spare time with us and if we put our spare time to its best use by applying our skills to practice, then the road to wealth is just a set of workbooks away! So get your canvas or those teaching skills to use and get ready to become rich! 

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