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How Do You Get Real Money By Playing Rummy?

by Gutshot Editorial Posted on 24 Mar, 2021

There are plenty of online rummy websites and apps at your service 24X7. You can play practice games or play with real people of course. The best thing about online rummy, is that you can use your skills and make money and also have some fun. Many people are excited by this prospect. ‘Making money’ sure has its charm. But how do you actually make real money? Not the play chips which will help you play free games on rummy sites, but actual currency? Let’s understand this.

To begin with, you require a laptop or a computer or a smartphone, an internet connection, rummy playing skills and passion for the game. Get these in place and start exploring different avenues which will fetch you truckloads of cash.

Entry Cash Offers:

So, this is like a first cash checkpoint. Most websites provide an entry bonus of up to INR 5,000 upon entry. To get that, you first have to register yourself and provide your personal details as well as account details for cash transfer.

Referral bonuses are usually affiliated to the entry bonuses and these too are veritable opportunities to gain cash. You earn credit here by referring your friends.

 Chips Occasionally Convert To Cash:

In some instances, online rummy sites may allow you to convert your chips for cash if you accomplish a given target. Though these chips are dished out for free games, it may serve as an encouraging entry point for the enthusiastic player. This usually happens in tournaments and one needs to look out for them!

Make Some Good Moolah With The Tournaments!

There are exclusive offers and multitudes of tournaments every month across portals. You can sift through them and choose the one you feel confident about and unleash your skills. Some tips to help you make some big bucks!

  •         Learn the game thoroughly before you hit a tournament
  •         Find your game. Watch out for upcoming tournaments
  •         Utilize the offers and make them work for you
  •         Make strategies in advance.
  •         Sharpen your cognitive skills and your click speed
  •         And know when to quit!
  •         Most of all be responsible while playing

Players also have free tournaments where you can enjoy and earn. Many players have won huge cash prizes. Their testimonials and interviews on the internet can attest to that.

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Who Knows What The Future Holds For You!

You can be the next winner! Make enough cash and your name could be making headlines as the next online rummy champion!

Join the bandwagon and start your rummy journey today! Also, you need not worry about the payment methods. The Online Rummy Federation of India ensures secure payment gateways along with a smooth and safe gaming environment. And the Supreme Court’s verdict of rummy being a skill-based game should vanquish all your fears and doubts.

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