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The Rummy Rule Book opens up on ‘How to Play Rummy’! Rummy

The Rummy Rule Book Opens Up On ‘How To Play Rummy’!

by Team Gutshot Posted on 19 Nov, 2020

It is impossible not to be devoured by the enthusiasm of rummy fanatics. Also, not easy to admit that you are not well acquainted with this popular game. It can be quite sad indeed if you have to turn down a rummy game at that fun office party or a home gathering. But a little help and a small nudge from our side can render you unstoppable next time! Get ready to make some jaw-dropping rummy moves next time you are invited to play this exciting thirteen card game!

So how do you play rummy?

Each rummy table can have between 2 to 6 players.

The Rummy Rule Book opens up on ‘How to Play Rummy’!


This game typically requires a total of 2 decks of cards and 2 jokers. Each deck has 4 sets of 13 cards each. Each of the 4 sets being clubs (♣), diamonds (), hearts (), and spades (♠).

The Rummy Rule Book opens up on ‘How to Play Rummy’!


  • Each player is served a deal of thirteen cards by the dealer after shuffling the cards.
  • The undealt cards will be placed face-down and form the closed deck/draw pile.
  • The top card from the pile will be placed face-up in front of you. This will be your discard pile.

The Rummy Rule Book opens up on ‘How to Play Rummy’!


  • Along with the printed joker another random card from the closed deck will be chosen as the joker.
  • This will be the wildcard joker. For instance, we can assume it is the 10 of diamonds here.

The Rummy Rule Book opens up on ‘How to Play Rummy’!


  • Immediately sort your cards suit wise.
  • Now each player has to either pick a card from the draw pile or from the discard pile. If the card picked from the draw pile is not required, they can simply discard it. In the end, you must have 13 cards in your hand at all times.
  • Moving on, the main objective of the game is for you to make Sets and Sequences (pure and impure) with your cards.

The Rummy Rule Book opens up on ‘How to Play Rummy’!


Set: A combination of 3 or 4 cards, all from different suits but of the same face value. One of the cards can always be replaced by a joker when needed.

The Rummy Rule Book opens up on ‘How to Play Rummy’!

Sequence:  A group of 3 or more cards from the same suit arranged consecutively. It is called impure if one or more jokers is used to finish the sequence and pure if not.

When you have finished, you can simply declare! It is important to have at least one pure sequence and one impure sequence, others being sets of either 3 or 4 cards. Isn’t it amazing!! This game is pure love. Now the rummy game is available on multiple online platforms as well! You can earn some exciting cash prizes too! With all the festive bonanzas, it’s a must try! Go ahead, make your festival merrier!

For more tips on how to plat rummy keep reading GutshotMagazine.com.

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