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How Is Indian Rummy Different From Other Types? Rummy

How Is Indian Rummy Different From Other Types?

by Team Gutshot Posted on 09 Dec, 2020

Indian rummy may not have its roots in India but it has certainly made an impact here. Affectionately known as Paplu, this game is pretty similar to the regular rummy played in Indian households. In fact anyone who knows the popular US-based games, Gin Rummy and Rummy 500 can clearly perceive that Indian rummy draws on both.

Like in all rummy games, Indian rummy games also follow the systematic process of shuffle and deal, followed by choosing then open card and joker. Once then game is opened, Drawing and Discarding too is same as traditional rummy. And to declare, it is same as regular rummy, all cards must be arranged in valid sets and sequences (with at least one pure sequence).

To win, players need to make at least two sequences, one of which must be pure. Players can meld their remaining cards into either sets or runs.

As this rummy version is an adaptation, there could be more similarities than differences compared to other versions. But quirks, it does have. These are what players need to note so they are aware of what will help them win big. Let’s look at a few pointers which make Indian rummy different from other versions of online rummy:

How are points issued?

In Indian rummy, when one player declares a win, points are assigned to players who do not even have a single pure sequence. Once loaded with points, the losing players are so many points behind and its not a great place to be in.

How is the Game drop scene different?

Like most rummy variants, you do have an option to drop the game midway. Points accrue to anyone who drops the game. In case a player decides to drop, different rummy portals have their own point assignment for dropping the game before making a move; dropping mid-way; and over a wrong declaration

What’s the Winning criteria?

The player with least points at the end wins the game. Which means you need to be in a hurry to get rid of points than collect them. Discarding high cards is a favourable practise. But it’s not always possible given players are not in control of what cards they get. that’s why moves need to be intelligent and focused on retaining the lower value cards. Also, keeping a tab on competition is important! Also, discarding cards close to the joker is ideal as the possibility of an opponent picking them up decrease.

In case of a wrong declaration?

In case a player declares a win but his cards are found to be not satisfactory, then all the other players are declared as winners. The player who has erroneously ended the game is declared the loser.

Indian rummy comes in both 13 card and 21 card versions. Several popular online rummy portals offer this game, so you could try your hand at the free ones before you put in the cash. Watch out for these differentiating factors though and you are good to go!

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