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5 Mistakes To Avoid While Playing Rummy Rummy

5 Mistakes To Avoid While Playing Rummy

by Donna Amo Posted on 13 Mar, 2021

While rummy can be a fun game to play it is also a game that is challenging and can get quite intense sometimes. It is relatively easy to learn rummy, but if you want to ace it there are certain things that one certainly must not do while playing the game. Here’s a list of five mistakes that rummy players must avoid while playing the game.

1. Not Watching Your Competitors

In rummy, it’s not only your moves that count but your opponents’ as well. Keeping a watch on your competitor’s cards can be crucial information that could help you win. Being observant about the cards in the disposed pile and the cards that your opponent’s take from it will also help you decide upon the right moves to make. 

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2. Holding Cards Of High Value For Long

Unlike other card games, holding a high-value card in rummy is not always an advantage. There is always a high risk of losing it big when you cannot use these cards to form a pure sequence. A good decision would be to discard them when you know you’re having a bad hand.

3. Keeping Too Many Jokers

Even though having Jokers can get you the upper hand, it is not advisable for players to hold on to them. New rummy players make this mistake often and end up losing the game due to it. 

4. Not Passing Bad Hands

Rummy is a game that requires one to make the best decision possible. Refusing to pass a bad hand is more likely to land you in the losing spot. Passing a hand at the start or even mid-way through the game will still cost you less than losing the game altogether. So, don’t be afraid to take that call if it’s required.

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5. Making Unconnected Groups Of Cards

This is something that one must surely avoid when playing rummy. If you don’t have even one connected card it is better to discard them immediately. Doing so will help you avoid losing a lot of points which can affect your score. 

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