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Online Rummy Industry In Support Of Regulating Online Gaming Rummy

Online Rummy Industry In Support Of Regulating Online Gaming

by Donna Amo Posted on 17 Nov, 2020

The rummy industry in India has gone through many ups and downs in the past few years. Especially in Tamil Nadu where its residents are divided between its potential benefits and visible effects. In recent times many Indians have lost their lives due to gambling involved while playing online rummy. Many rummy sites in the country are unregulated by the government which has led to many instances of fraud, foul play, and loss of life due to irresponsible gambling.

With no safeguards put across by the government and the safety of the players at risk, it’s no wonder why rummy has had such a bad rep in recent media. But even so, rummy’s popularity has increased in the past few years and online rummy has seen a massive rise in the industry owing to the coronavirus lockdown.

In such a time, the Madurai bench of the Madras high court released a recent statement made by the Additional Advocate General (AAG) Mr. M. Sricharan Rangarajan informing that the State Government was actively considering regulating the online skill gaming sector. This news was welcomed with open arms by The Online Rummy Federation (TORF), stating that this was a huge step towards creating a better and safer platform for rummy players and operators.

Online Rummy Industry In Support Of Regulating Online Gaming

TORF is the first voluntarily incorporated self-regulatory body in the Indian online gaming sector with the sole objective to ensure that rummy players across India enjoy online rummy in a safe and responsible manner. No other gaming companies across the world, in regulated or semi-regulated markets, have undertaken such a voluntary initiative for user protection and safety. The rising suicide rates due to online gambling were a grave concern for the government and for the federation. 

The key areas of the self-regulation include:

  • KYC verification
  • Minimum Age
  • Player Protection requirements,
  • Mandatory Responsible Playing features like setting daily monthly limits, self-exclusion etc.
  • Advertising guidelines,
  • No BOTS on sites
  • SSL level encryption and other such requirements.

TORF expressed that they were in full support of the government’s decision to regulate the sector which will ensure the protection of players that are vulnerable and lead to revenue generation for the government. With this progressive step forward, we can only hope for a welcome change to better laws for the rummy industry in the coming years.

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