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Top 5 Reasons to Learn Rummy Variations Rummy

27 Jan, 2021 Top 5 Reasons to Learn Rummy Variations

Most people in our country love rummy and it is easy to find several variations of the game which are played across the globe with equal zest. As a beginner, or even as an avid rummy player, understanding variations would help in expanding your knowledge. Here are five reasons why every...


23 Jan, 2021 Benefits of playing online rummy

From youngsters to adults, rummy is one such card game that is loved by a majority of people in India. Though a predominant population started to play their favourite card game in a physical setup, online rummy games have now become a significant part of the lives of players. Online rum...

Gutshot Poll: Gully Rummy's Instant Cashout Is Top Favourite Among Instagram Users Rummy

17 Jan, 2021 Gutshot Poll: Gully Rummy’s Instant Cashout Is Top Favourite Among Instagram Users

Gully Rummy has emerged as one of the best rummy platforms and the go-to place for several rummy enthusiasts. To know more about this platform, Gutshot conducted a poll on its Instagram handle. The results of the poll were in favour of the ‘Instant Cashout’ feature of Gully Rummy. We qu...

Shanghai Rummy vs Contract Rummy: Which One To Play? Rummy

16 Jan, 2021 Shanghai Rummy vs Contract Rummy: Which One To Play?

Rummy is a versatile game which has developed into different variants that are all equally engaging as they are challenging. However, Indian rummy is so common among people that sometimes it is easy to forget that there are other variants of the game as well. For this article, we’...

This Republic Day WIN Big With Gully Rummy Rummy

16 Jan, 2021 This Republic Day WIN Big With Gully Rummy

Playing online rummy can be very rewarding, especially when you’re playing it on Gully Rummy. This rummy brand gives players the opportunity to win big prizes and avail incredible offers all year long. The year has just started, but Gully Rummy is not holding back on their rewards...


15 Jan, 2021 Deals Rummy: A Requisite Guide For Beginners

Deals rummy is a variant of 13 cards rummy. It is played between 2-6 players with one or two decks of cards which includes printed joker cards. A wild joker card is selected at random and it is used to replace a card to form a sequence or a set. Gameplay The player who makes […]

Top 3 Rummy Books You Must Add To Your Collection Rummy

11 Jan, 2021 Top 3 Rummy Books You Must Add To Your Collection

Rummy is one of the most widely played card games in India. Here are a few books that players who love the game would love to read. Trust us, these books are very profound and will make you razor sharp. Bibliophiles, these books would be the perfect reads if you are into rummy and card ...


09 Jan, 2021 What is the middle drop feature in Points Rummy?

One of the variants of 13 card rummy is Points Rummy, where players engage in the game for points with pre-decided rupee values. Points rummy is among the fastest and widely played variants of rummy. In points rummy too, just like other rummy variants, players have to form a pure sequen...

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