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Play Free Rummy Rummy Gyaan

21 Oct, 2020 How Do I Play A Free Rummy Game?

If you are a rummy fanatic, and looking for a free rummy game, you are just a click away! The options are endless.  In online rummy parlance, a free game is more often than not a practice game. In some cases, it could even be a game that you can enter for free but pay […]

Online Rummy with friends Rummy Gyaan

07 Oct, 2020 Online Rummy: Can I play with my friends?

Is it really possible? Can I play online rummy on the same table with my friends? These are common questions online rummy enthusiasts have. And just in case it is someone who is newly switching from real-time rummy to online rummy, these questions and similar ones are bound to arise. Ma...

types of Rummy Rummy Gyaan

18 Nov, 2018 Lesser known types of Rummy

The most common forms of rummy are Gin and 500 rummy. But there are so many regional variations in this game that are all unique and fun to use. Here is a list of lesser known varieties of Rummy: 13 card rummy In this form of rummy the players are given 13 cards each and […]

Rummy Rummy Gyaan

07 Nov, 2018 How to Play Rummy Card Game – Rules & Guide

With numerous online poker rooms in India, there is no dearth of gaming sites for individuals who love playing poker. From the top online real money poker sites to online poker tournaments to a wide range of games in different variants, there are poker games aplenty to choose from based...

Rummy2 Rummy Gyaan

06 Nov, 2018 How to start winning again in Rummy

When it comes to Rummy, nobody wishes to be called a loser or worse being a loser. It doesn’t just bring embarrassment but also lowers a person’s self-confidence, while winning or losing should all be taken in a sporting spirit, you must take utter care of the psychological affects a de...

Pool Rummy Rummy Gyaan

27 Oct, 2018 Variance in Playing Points, Deals and Pool Rummy!

Online Rummy is an advanced wise symbol of disconnected rummy which is played utilizing a deck of 52 cards and 1 printed joker. To play rummy, one needs to browse diverse varieties of the game, to be specific Pool Rummy, Deals Rummy, and Points Rummy. In spite of the fact that the idea ...

Rummy Rummy Gyaan

13 Oct, 2018 Steadiness is the way to succeed in Rummy Games

There is a renowned saying “Consistency is the way to progress.” Have you at any point considered how individuals achieve their objectives? It’s not on the grounds that they have an enchantment wand in their grasp, yet it’s through their persistence that they adv...

Rummy Game Rummy Gyaan

03 Oct, 2018 Tricks to Bluff Opponents in Rummy Game

Rummy is a strategy based game. To win, it’s basic to conceptualize your rummy aptitudes to surpass your rival. In addition, indicating steadiness and rehearsing the game can end up being useful to win. Be that as it may, who stated, you can’t bluff in Rummy Game? Obviously,...

Rummy Rummy Gyaan

02 Oct, 2018 How ‘Life’ and ‘Rummy’ are Related?

Rummy is an ability based card game which requires essential understanding and careful practice to achieve a specialist level. When we discuss the occurrences in the Rummy game, it can nearly identify with our life demonstrations. Today, we will stroll through the connection between ...

playing poker Rummy Gyaan

30 Sep, 2018 Why is playing Rummy the perfect end to your weekend

There is no other game like Rummy whose primary purpose is to bring fun on the table. Rummy consists of a pack of 52 cards and three sub-categories of games viz. 13 card points rummy, 13 card deal rummy, and 13 card deals rummy. The game apart from being legalized in India, carries a hu...

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