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Online Rummy Growing Among Fisherfolk In Visakhapatnam Despite Ban Rummy

17 May, 2021 Online Rummy Growing Among Fisherfolk In Visakhapatnam Despite Ban

A 61-day annual fishing ban topped with the 18-hour partial curfew has paved a way for the young fishermen community in Visakhapatnam to indulge in online rummy to make some money in a short span of time. The game is currently banned in the state, however, the youth are playing the game...

The-Rummy-Heist-2021-Bike-gutshot Rummy

29 Apr, 2021 The Rummy Heist Promotion On Gully Rummy Is Massive!

The latest promotion by online rummy giant Gully Rummy is huge. There is a lot on offer that rummy players do not want to miss. What is ‘The Rummy Heist’ promotion all about? Well, to begin with, this offer is on cash games. There are four ways to go about this promotion. Firstly, there...

dangal-leadrboard Rummy

28 Apr, 2021 INR 50,000 Up For Grabs Every Week ONLY On RummyDangal 

Guess what? One of India’s premier online rummy brands, RummyDangal is offering INR 50,000 every week all thanks to Dangal leaderboard. Yes, that is true. Don’t believe us? Read further. The online rummy brand is offering an impressive INR 50,000 every week in prize money. It can’...

rummy image Rummy

28 Mar, 2021 Implications Of Playing Rummy In A State Where It Is Illegal

The rummy industry has been making some incredible strides. At the same time, the legal issues regarding playing rummy are also being talked of. Occasionally, the situation seems stormy, and a ban seems imminent. But again, things pipe down, and rummy seems to look up. The industry has ...

raise rummy Rummy

27 Mar, 2021 What Is Raise Rummy All About?

If you are someone who wants to explore the umpteen variations of online rummy, we won’t blame you! There is a wide variety so it might get tempting. There is one particular version which might catch your interest – Raise rummy. If you have a little practice with the basic rummy v...

rummy tournaments Rummy

25 Mar, 2021 These Rummy Tournaments Will Surely Catch Your Attention

When it comes to playing rummy, we can keep all our work aside and get down to it. Promotions and tournaments are all over the place on the rummy front. The rummy scene looks quite exciting for the near future. Here’s what you need to know about the upcoming rummy tournaments.  Ru...

Can The Central Government Make Uniform Laws For Rummy? Rummy

19 Mar, 2021 Can The Central Government Make Uniform Laws For Rummy?

Rummy came a long way since it originated. While it had met with uncontested acceptance all along, modern day legal systems do not treat rummy in similar fashion. Several reasons exist for this situation. Negative press has put a question mark in many people’s minds and then there are t...


17 Mar, 2021 Did You Know? Playing Rummy Sharpens Your Brain

There are people who play rummy not just for fun and entertainment but also because they are ambitious and want to sharpen their skills further. When you play for stakes, you have to invest more focus on the game. You have to shut out everything else and have singular focus on the task ...

Re-Join An Ongoing Rummy Match Even After Being Eliminated! Rummy

15 Mar, 2021 Can You Make A Career Out Of Rummy?

Thanks to 2020, everyone seems to be better prepared for unexpected events. We did have our fair share of surprises last year. This whole decade, we got to witness some of the most bizarre things around us given the advent of social media. One such dynamic is that of career choice. Some...

5 Mistakes To Avoid While Playing Rummy Rummy

13 Mar, 2021 5 Mistakes To Avoid While Playing Rummy

While rummy can be a fun game to play it is also a game that is challenging and can get quite intense sometimes. It is relatively easy to learn rummy, but if you want to ace it there are certain things that one certainly must not do while playing the game. Here’s a list of […]

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