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12 Mar, 2021 What Is Rummoli All About?

When it comes to card games, rummy has been a constant all our lives. Rummy is like that – captivating. Leave it to this card game to fill you up with entertainment, excitement and fun that you may have been missing all week. The game will never disappoint. But while we have been ...


16 Feb, 2021 How Is Rummy Promoted On Social Media?

Rummy: How was rummy introduced to you? It is usually via one’s family. Seeing all the fun and focus that the family members employ while playing this game during social gatherings, is enough to rake up some interest in one’s mind. However, in this time and age, some are losing out on t...

Why Is There A Need To Regulate Games Like Rummy Rummy

05 Jan, 2021 Why Is There A Need To Regulate Games Like Rummy?

We are all living parallel lives online today. Be it work or fun, especially gaming, the internet has literally blurred the difference between the real and virtual. There is no denying the fact that skill-based gaming is growing at full speed. This is mostly because card games have alwa...

How To Bounce Back From A Loss In Rummy Rummy

24 Dec, 2020 How To Bounce Back From A Loss In Rummy?

If cash prizes seem to be evading you, how do you bounce back from loss? It is so enticing to see those colorful rummy websites and their cash prizes calling out to us! And it is all super thrilling until you start losing money. Suddenly your investments feel greater than the benefits c...

How Is Indian Rummy Different From Other Types? Rummy

09 Dec, 2020 How Is Indian Rummy Different From Other Types?

Indian rummy may not have its roots in India but it has certainly made an impact here. Affectionately known as Paplu, this game is pretty similar to the regular rummy played in Indian households. In fact anyone who knows the popular US-based games, Gin Rummy and Rummy 500 can clearly pe...

Rummy: Tracing The Evolution Of India's Favourite Card Game Rummy

08 Dec, 2020 Rummy: Tracing The Evolution Of India’s Favourite Card Game

Rummy is a loved game in many parts of the world and more so in India, with Indian rummy being one of the most played variants. The cultural impact and significance of this beloved card game in India cannot be stated enough. Its popularity in the country could be due to the game’s socia...

If One Rummy Site Sinks Then All Will! Rummy

20 Nov, 2020 If One Rummy Site Sinks Then All Will!

Rummy is an ancient Indian card game that has been a favorite pastime for the masses for eons.  It is always a good way to unwind oneself with friends and family after a stressful day. But times have changed. And with all the hustle bustle in our lives coupled with the pandemic right no...

The Rummy Rule Book opens up on ‘How to Play Rummy’! Rummy

19 Nov, 2020 The Rummy Rule Book Opens Up On ‘How To Play Rummy’!

It is impossible not to be devoured by the enthusiasm of rummy fanatics. Also, not easy to admit that you are not well acquainted with this popular game. It can be quite sad indeed if you have to turn down a rummy game at that fun office party or a home gathering. But a little […]

Online Rummy Industry In Support Of Regulating Online Gaming Rummy

17 Nov, 2020 Online Rummy Industry In Support Of Regulating Online Gaming

The rummy industry in India has gone through many ups and downs in the past few years. Especially in Tamil Nadu where its residents are divided between its potential benefits and visible effects. In recent times many Indians have lost their lives due to gambling involved while playing o...

Rummy Dictionary Part 2 Rummy

03 Nov, 2020 The Rummy Dictionary – Part II

If this is your first time looking up Rummy terms, then we encourage you to look at The Rummy Dictionary – Part I before you start reading this! Last time, we wen’t over some common and basic terms in rummy such as suit, dealer and draw pile. This time around, let’s go...

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