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Rummy Dictionary Part 2 Rummy

03 Nov, 2020 The Rummy Dictionary – Part II

If this is your first time looking up Rummy terms, then we encourage you to look at The Rummy Dictionary – Part I before you start reading this! Last time, we wen’t over some common and basic terms in rummy such as suit, dealer and draw pile. This time around, let’s go...

Islam Gymkhana in Mumbai bans rummy and other card games Rummy

02 Nov, 2020 Islam Gymkhana in Mumbai bans rummy and other card games

Card game rummy has been one of the most favoured games in India. With the association of it to mythology and festivities, Rummy holds a huge place in our culture. Mumbai’s well-known Islam Gymkhana, a popular sports hub and centre for socio-cultural activities, finds its members in dis...

Nostra-Rummy Rummy

26 Oct, 2020 Nostragamus Rummy : Back To The Future!

Nostragamus Rummy – Rummy of the future, rediscovered here! Which is the best entertaining and captivating indoor game that people of all ages, young and old, amongst family and friends can play together? If your guess is right, then you must be thinking of rummy! Yes, it is equally lov...

Play Free Rummy Rummy

21 Oct, 2020 How Do I Play A Free Rummy Game?

If you are a rummy fanatic, and looking for a free rummy game, you are just a click away! The options are endless.  In online rummy parlance, a free game is more often than not a practice game. In some cases, it could even be a game that you can enter for free but pay […]

Rummy Dictionary Rummy

14 Oct, 2020 The Rummy Dictionary – Part I

If you are someone who loves playing card games, then this Rummy Dictionary is just what you need! Rummy earned its status as a classic card game after being played by people for centuries. In India, festivals and other family gatherings are always incomplete without a round of rummy! B...

Online Rummy with friends Rummy

07 Oct, 2020 Online Rummy: Can I play with my friends?

Is it really possible? Can I play online rummy on the same table with my friends? These are common questions online rummy enthusiasts have. And just in case it is someone who is newly switching from real-time rummy to online rummy, these questions and similar ones are bound to arise. Ma...

BJP calls for ban on online rummy in Andhra Pradesh Rummy

08 Jun, 2020 BJP calls for ban on online rummy in Andhra Pradesh

The traditional game Rummy is the most popular card games of all time but a section of the state of Andhra Pradesh is demanding to put a ban on online rummy. Since the COVID-19 lockdown in the country, India’s online gaming industry is growing at a rapid pace and is expected to hit $1 b...

How to play Indian Rummy Rummy

06 Apr, 2019 How to play Indian Rummy

Although Indian Rummy has been derived from multiple sources, the most distinguished roots lie in Gin rummy and 500 Rum which originated from the USA. There are many variations to it but the most basic version is called Sai Rummy. Let’s get down to the basics of Rummy and how it is play...

Rummy for stakes an offence says Kerala HC Rummy

27 Feb, 2019 Rummy for stakes an offence says Kerala HC

Rummy, a popular card game in India and a favourite pastime of many enthusiasts has received a judgment by the Kerala High Court last month. The honourable court ruled, in a case between K Ramachandran, Secretary of Sopanam Arts and Sports Club and Kerala Police, that rummy will only be...

Telangana Rummy

09 Oct, 2018 President includes rummy as a dangerous activity in Telangana

The problems faced by games of skill such as Poker, Rummy, Bridge, etc have always been that in our country people believe that it’s more of gambling than a skill-based game. In some states playing the game, whether online or live, is banned and punishable by law. Though some progress h...

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