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Rummy Dictionary Part 2 Rummy

The Rummy Dictionary – Part II

by Team Gutshot Posted on 03 Nov, 2020

If this is your first time looking up Rummy terms, then we encourage you to look at The Rummy Dictionary – Part I before you start reading this!

Last time, we wen’t over some common and basic terms in rummy such as suit, dealer and draw pile. This time around, let’s go into some terms which are a little more complex!

Deadwood: The leftover cards in hand that are not part of any valid combination (a Set or Run) are referred to as Deadwood. They are basically unmatched cards.

Discard Time: There is no time limit while playing the rummy game in person. But when playing online, one can choose a time limit while deciding on the next move.

Joker: A randomly selected card at the start of every rummy game is made a Joker. It can be used as any card as per requirement in the game. For example, if a 3 of Diamonds is the Joker, it can be used along with 3s of Spades/Hearts/Clubs for making Sets and Sequences. It is also called as the Printed Joker.

Sequence/Run: In rummy players make sequences of three or more consecutive cards from the same suit. For instance: 7-8-9 of Hearts will make one Pure Sequence. The order can be from Ace to King. It goes as A-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-J-Q-K-A.

Pure Sequence: It is a sequence where a Joker is not used to substitute the missed card in the consecutive order of cards. For example: 5-6-7 of Spades is a Pure Sequence.

Impure Sequence: This sequence consists of a Joker to fill the place of a missing card in the sequence. For example: If Q of Hearts is the Joker, then ‘2 of Hearts’ – ‘Q of Hearts’ – ‘3 of Hearts’ will make an impure sequence.

Set/ Run: When you form a group of three or more cards of the same number, it is a Run or a Set. For example: three 8s of any of the three suits can be used to make a Set. You must remember that you cannot make a Set with two cards belonging to the same suit, with the third one being from a different suit. It will be invalid. For example: 7 of Hearts and two 7s of Clubs cannot make a valid set. A Joker, however can always be used to form a set.

Declare: When you finish arranging your cards in the right Sequences and/or Sets required to win the game, you can declare rummy after discarding the fourteenth card face down on the Discard Pile.

So there! If this info has given you the much-needed ammo to tackle rummy, then we are so happy for you!

Come back to Gutshot Magazine for more definitions and terms!

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