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What Is Rummoli All About?

by Mrinal Gujare Posted on 12 Mar, 2021

When it comes to card games, rummy has been a constant all our lives. Rummy is like that – captivating. Leave it to this card game to fill you up with entertainment, excitement and fun that you may have been missing all week. The game will never disappoint.

But while we have been so invested and immersed in this game, we often don’t realize there exist plenty of other fascinating card games. Trying one of them can sure inject some more energy into everyone. Ever heard of Rummoli? Sounds interesting right? Let’s see how it is played and if it captures your interest.

 A good blend of many moves:

 Rummoli is basically a fusion of a good old board game with the intricate moves used in a card game and a little bit of poker sprinkled in between. It is associated with Canadian social gatherings because it is a good family game played there with 2 to 8 people. It is closely related to Michigan Rummy and it does not take long to understand the game play because it is a fairly simple game. To play this game, a standard deck of 52 cards will do, the Rummoli board and playing chips.

 Here is how the game play goes:

 Before the game begins, each player has to place a chip in a pot on the board. Here the twist is that all the cards will be fully dealt. As a result some players might end up having more than the others. The dealer will be at an advantage with an extra hand of cards which is called the widow hand. He/she may exchange their deal with the widow hand or he may auction it to the highest bidder. The proceeds will stay with the dealer no doubt.

 The widow hand can be a good or poorer than the original hand of the bidder. Once acquired, one does not have an option but to accept it and the set of cards they previously had will go dead. They have to be placed face down.

 Role of poker:

 A prior betting limit will be set and the game begins with the person on the left of the dealer placing the bet. Rummoli follows the rules of basic poker. The player who has the best hand will get the pot of chips and has to play down their lowest card. Then the next player with the highest card of their suit can lay down their card. This will continue until there is no next sequential card left.

 When the chain breaks, the player who played last will now play the lowest card in his set from the suit of a different color to the suit that was last played. And this goes on until there are no more suits until a player cannot change the color of the suit. Each player now places one chip (a fine) each for the cards left with them and put them carefully in the Rummoli section.

The Rummoli board

Now the fun part is that the board has eight pots and is assigned the name of a card or a frequently appearing sequence. One who plays a card or sequence that matches one of the pots can claim it. At the end, all the chips will be shifted to one pot and is followed by a round of poker and whoever wins, claims it.

 So that’s about the favorite game of Rummoli. Why don’t you switch to Rummoli and give it a try amidst a series of rummy matches to scale up the fun next time around? For similar stories keep reading  GutshotMagazine.com. Follow us on FacebookInstagram, and Telegram.

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