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With 109,000 entries RummyCulture’s tournament hits a record !

by Manthra Koliyer Posted on 28 Aug, 2020

Gameskraft’s RummyCulture set a world record of the highest number of people participating for a Rummy tournament by attracting 109,000 players. The free-play Rummy tournament offered a guaranteed prize pool of $16,000. Nanthakumar Palinasamy from Tamil Nadu, the winner grabbed the first prize of INR 1 lakh after 41 deals and seven rounds.

Palinasamy said,  “I’ve been playing rummy online for about a year now and have played across multiple gaming platforms. Winning a nation-wide tournament as massive as this, after just one year of being an active gamer, is a moment of pride for me. This also highlights how, more than luck, skill determines victory.”  The  participation of maximum number of people is a sign that Indians are preferring skill-based card games. The majority of players were based in the Southern states with 40% of them from Tamil Nadu, 22% from Andhra Pradesh, and 7% from Karnataka. The popularity of Rummy in India has paced up considerably as the number of participants have always been on a increase.

Gameskraft is a gaming company that launched in June 2017 by tech professionals who are also passionate gamers. The application is known to deliver web and mobile games which are safe, secure and ethical. Prithvi Singh, founder of Gameskraft said, “Over the past few years, there’s been a dramatic shift in India’s online gaming sensibilities as skill-based games such as rummy find greater traction. We are now looking at building on it with more experiential and engaging gaming offerings.”

In 2016, the Supreme Court of India ruled that games of skills can now be played legally. The decision meant any state that defined rummy and poker as games of skill could implement their own regulatory frameworks. Nagaland was the first to do so, and then on India’s online poker sites started to flourish. Despite the progress in certain states, others still classify both rummy and poker as games of luck and hence illegal. The Indian gaming industry is currently valued at an estimated INR 3,500 crore and is looking forward to a glorious future of Rummy! To know more about Rummy, keep reading GutshotMagazine.com

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